Rain a confetti from the Sky

As Monsoon rain slowly starts to shower over the cities, towns, and woods, making everything greener and brighter,
As the tiny raindrops magnify everything around,
As nature reveal its magnificent colours,
& As we breathe in fresh air,
We feel inspired.

Monsoon is the biggest challenge and the greatest theme for every brand across India. It has shaped epic campaigns. With picturesque scenes and nostalgic moments, many rain based seasonal campaigns have been designed. When we look back in history of advertising, we might actually be surprised how technology and marketing have evolved and utilised this wonderful season across 360 degree omni-channel campaigns.
The Kerala tourism ad where they portray the natural element called rain in every campaign. The lush green surroundings and water all around redefine our outlook and thoughts.
How important it is to take measures to protect oneself during rains.
“Drive safe in the rain” by Chevrolet, India. This campaign was a huge hit among people as they were made aware of how recklessness during rain can have a devastating effect.
Different brands come up with different concepts and visuals, to create touch-points with it’s user base. How they define, which route they choose bring in a newer aspect every moment to Monsoon.

Coffee, Chai, and a Rainy Afternoon!
Let’s be honest, doesn’t rain sound best with romantic moments, chai or coffee, samosa or vadapav, long drive or short drive, the beach or the hills. Creative agencies live and bring life to these moments. The brands are conceptualised, designed and advertised in a way that reflects with the audience.

Monsoon with Nimbu Wali Chai
Nimbu Mirchi Nimbu believes Monsoon is one of the greatest idea and time to promote your brand.
Even a cashmere brand can promote as the monsoon brings in slight chill.
So, what’s special with Monsoon?
So, what’s special about Monsoon?
Well, what’s not?
We are expert creative designers and advertising planners. We can deliver beautiful brand elements and designs with Monsoon as the big concept. We can create brand propositions that can lead and secure long-lasting bonds with your customers. Brand Identity and Customer Growth is your need and our goal.
So, What is monsoon for you?
Feel free to reach us for the ultimate brand design concepts.
We are Creative.
We are Digital.
We are Social.
We have an Umbrella.
We have some Biscuits with our Nimbu Wali Chai.

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