Mid Night Chai


Tea to Indians is not just a hot drink but habit buried into life. Early morning tea, hot afternoon ginger tea, evening masala tea, or maybe one’s own special Midnight Tea. Most of us have a special tea, a special time for tea through the day. That one special cup of joy is not at all an easy propaganda.

Tea brands, every year, go beyond imagination to craft campaigns that would hit our emotions attached to tea. As I said, it is not an easy propaganda. They know how every Indian has their way to tea. We take our tea very seriously. Very seriously as mashala, ginger, jasmine, rose, honey lemon, raw, or with milk. The list is probably endless.

Every person who works, travels or studies hard late nights have a story of their midnight tea. While most of the city is asleep, somewhere in a room in a sky-high building, someone is burning their midnight oil to dig into the books or finish up their projects with a warm cup of tea which will suffice them to stay intact.  

A midnight chai by the tapri with old school friends add another taste of the happiness as memories flash by.

When the late-night train makes a small stop by some unknown village, one chaiwala at the station can make our eyes glittery.

Or, a long journey by the national highway with a stop to a dhaba with one lantern makes the midnight chai pretty adventurous. 

Brands showcase these emotions via advertisements to outreach the biggest audience. Certain brands like Taj Mahal and Brooke Bond have even opened cafes that help connect people with people and chai. Mobile based interactive advertising, online digital marketing, interactive websites and live tea bag with your next day newspaper  can leave a strong impact on viewers mind.

Ek chai with nimbu would you like to share over adda?

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