The Festival of Vermillion

In Indian culture, especially among Bengalis, Durga Pujo is one of the biggest deals. For Bengali’s Durga Pujo marks the time of euphoric tides as the state of West Bengal gets ready to drown itself in the festive revelry.

It is a carnival and excitement that highlights the culture of Bengali Tradition. Families celebrate this five-day festive with delicious food, pandal hopping, music, dance, and cultural evenings, all dolled up from head to toe.

This grandeur of the festive season ends with Vijaya Dashami (Dusshera), the last day of the festival. Even though it’s a day when people are sad and emotional to bid adieu one last special ritual before ‘ghat visarjan’ marks the end of the rituals. Women apply shindoor, or vermillion, on the forehead and the feet of the Goddess and then begins Shindoor Khela, the fog of vermillion, layering on married women folks. It is such a sentimental ritual for the Bengalis. Playfully smear shindoor on each other’s faces. Although the age-old tradition has started witnessing a revolution now. In many places, people have started inviting all women, irrespective of their marital status, to be part of the celebrations earlier meant only for married women.

As it is a significant cultural entity for a certain group of people which is now diverse itself, it attracts several other impacts on the market. The festival-themed campaigns of many Brands are seen to think out of the box to bring the community together as well as raise the advertisement value. Food, clothes, vermillion, jewellery, etc. get a lot of spotlight during this festivity.

In the rich Bengali culture, the value of Bengali traditional clothes, jewellery, food is a big deal. So, Festive Advertisements catch consumer attention when buying sentiments are at a peak. This vermillion festival is not only a sad yet sentimental end to Durga Puja but beginning of the festive season, the grand Diwali.

Most brands, show the highlights of togetherness, celebration with family, friends, and neighbours, crossing the boundaries, welcoming diversity.

Watch the artistic aesthetics of the grandeur DURGA PUJO celebration.

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