Kaju Pista and A Basket of Love

Diwali is the celebration of lights and colours. Lots of food, diyas, colourful rangolis and cheer shared among family and neighbours, make this occasion spectacular. As this season arrives, new opportunities arrive for numerous advertisements. It is a carnival. Brands connect consumers with festive sentiment and joy.

Diwali being one of the most celebrated festivals in India, brands work big time to match large scale festive vibes. Every year, categories like fast-moving consumer goods, apparel, e-commerce, etc. bring the biggest sales and offers during Diwali.  

Even though the spirit is similar every year, but now post-pandemic, people are scared to step out and celebrate as they did before. Many are stuck in foreign lands or away from their loved ones.

But, what is Diwali without togetherness? Without lighting diyas and meeting family to exchange sweets?

What does Diwali mean to you?

A Diwali is not a Diwali if we are not hovering over the kitchen table looking at delicious Gajar ka Halwa or Mawa Kachori. We wait for our neighbours, friends, and relatives to come and meet.

More the merrier. Loved ones and the baskets of love.

Most brands narrate the stories of togetherness and bonding with family, friends, and neighbours through ad campaigns. In the process, they act as a catalyst to uplift sentiments and encourage consumers to enjoy the festive season.

The authenticity of Big Fat Indian Diwali is incomplete without the baskets of sweets or nuts. The tower of baskets on the living room table is like the token of Diwali delights, love, and affection. So, the warmth of Diwali stays with us through these little joys.

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