Frostbite Fiesta

Winter starts to settle in as December arrives with sprinkles, glitters, and seasonal delights. Miserable and sweaty days are gone and we are here to relive the bittersweet of this season. That warm cup of coffee in the morning is extra special. Socks up, all fluffy blankets out, and shower extra hot. We probably want to sit tight in the warmest corner of the house and binge Netflix all day long. And we all know what will fulfil the essence and turn it into the Frostbite Fiesta. 


Yes, you got that right. The most exciting thing about December is the variety of seasonal and comfort food. Food that we wait for, we relish in the chilly weather, we share and make memories with. This winter our company wishes everyone joy and essence of this beautiful season. 

Accept it or not, we love the farmer’s markets a little more this month, full of colours and crispness in the air. The berries are glistening, peas and carrots are sweeter and a lot more shades of green in one place, so alluring, begging for our attention. The end of the year is the moment of festivity, the carnival of rich flavours from different states of India. 

The elders are happiest when they get to feed you Sarson ka Saag, and truth be told, you can’t resist it either. Rogan Josh and Gushtaba are perfect soul-melting mutton cuisine, the richness with flavourful Kashmiri spices definitely warms you up. As we are in north, Thukpa an Indo-Tibetan noodle soup with the feel of delish and coziness is a bonus. This bowl of warm love sits well in this festive season. Should we call it “The Bowl of Winter Spice”? 

How dare we forgot the sweets? Where are our sweet-toothed folks? 

I don’t think we can have enough of Gajar Ka Halwa, everyone loves it. And the Sweets from Bengal, Nolen Gur Sandesh and Rasgulla. Ok, that’s it, I need to go and have some of them. Are you enjoying the winter food with your loved ones? 

With all love and scrumptious wishes Nimbu Mirchi Nimbu hopes for safest, warmest, and tastiest Winter.

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