International Mother Language Day

We are a multilingual world. English might be the most favoured language in many countries but a mother tongue truly identifies with the local culture and national ethos. Every language carries attributes that are so uniquely intertwined with its cultural roots. There are many words and phrases in various languages that cannot be literally translated. The local context is so overpowering. 

This year on International Mother Language Day, the theme is using technology for multilingual learning: Challenges and Opportunities. UNESCO* proudly believes a child’s education based on the first language or mother tongue should begin at an early age. Education leads to learning. Learning leads to understanding of the culture and surroundings. This year the theme promotes learning multilingual languages using technology. Post covid education has been online. Education comprising first language or mother tongue through learning apps and videos can help maintain continuity of culture.

What Brands Follow

Brands always try to capture the local market using the first language of the community. Many brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Unilever, Dell etc, have all diversified their offerings following multilingual strategies. A connection with the community is the most important point to grow your brand presence. Digital platforms help to reach various demographics so content that drives a marketing campaign locally touches the right chords of the user’s heart. 

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