Kaju Pista and A Basket of Love

Diwali is the celebration of lights and colours. Lots of food, diyas, colourful rangolis and cheer shared among family and neighbours, make this occasion spectacular. As this season arrives, new opportunities arrive for numerous advertisements. It is a carnival. Brands connect consumers with festive sentiment and joy. Diwali being one of the most celebrated festivals … Read more

The Festival of Vermillion

In Indian culture, especially among Bengalis, Durga Pujo is one of the biggest deals. For Bengali’s Durga Pujo marks the time of euphoric tides as the state of West Bengal gets ready to drown itself in the festive revelry. It is a carnival and excitement that highlights the culture of Bengali Tradition. Families celebrate this … Read more

Rain a confetti from the Sky

As Monsoon rain slowly starts to shower over the cities, towns, and woods, making everything greener and brighter,As the tiny raindrops magnify everything around,As nature reveal its magnificent colours,& As we breathe in fresh air,We feel inspired. Monsoon is the biggest challenge and the greatest theme for every brand across India. It has shaped epic … Read more